Elite Cheer All-Star Teams

If you are looking to advance your skill level at a very rapid pace, travel around the country, meet new friends & become role models in the community, then come be part of Michigan's 1st Cheerleading Training Facility.
Elite Cheer offers a wide array of all-star teams. There is a team for everyone!
All-Star practices are very structured and concentrate on skills needed for performances and competitions. Previous Experience is not necessary to be on an All-Star team at Elite Cheer. The skills our athletes exhibit, in large part, have been trained by Elite Cheer Staff. Elite Cheer’s All-Star teams are broken down by cost, grade and skill level.

Elite Cheer takes pride in the reputation that we have built. Elite Cheer staff, athletes and parents are all very committed. Our entire program is very structured. Parents will receive a parent handbook prior to your first scheduled practice. This handbook will list the entire season (dates included) and a breakdown of all costs and due dates. Families can then decide if they would like to be part of Michigan's Largest and very successful all-star program.

Why do Elite Cheer Athletes Excel so Quickly?

  • Elite Cheer all-star teams may come to the gym anytime that we are open to work on their own individual goals FREE of charge.
  • Open Gym is FREE to all all-star athletes.
  • All- Star athletes may sign up for our Exclusive all-star only Classes.
  • All- Star athletes may join regular classes at a discounted price.
  • Fully qualified staff is always available.

~ All- Star Teams ~

All Teams are broken down by cost, age/grade & skill level.
Elite Cheer offers many different teams for all levels.

All- Star "Pre Teams" ~ (Ages 3-18 yrs old)
Pre-Team is the building block of Elite Cheer. This team will learn all aspects of cheerleading. The Pre-Team season is from October - April. Athletes are required to purchase Elite Cheer practice attire. Attend a (1) day Stunt Camp held at Elite Cheer. This team will attend (1) local competition to support our competitive teams. Pre-Team will have (1) gym performance at the end of the season to showcase their routine, and may take advantage of all the perks of being on an all-star team at Elite Cheer.

All- Star "Local Teams" ~ (Ages 4-18 yrs old) **New for 2005-2006**
Local teams are for those athletes that want to display their talent at local events. This team will attend ONLY competitions/performances in the state of Michigan. They are required to wear all Elite Cheer attire (practice, warm-up & uniform) This team will remain open to join from April - Through Mid June. If the turn-out is not what is expected, athletes on this team will be given the option to be placed on a different all-star team.

All- Star "Limited" ~ ( Ages 5-30 yrs old)
All- Star limited teams are for those athletes that want to compete locally and attend (1) out of town National.

All- Star Nationally Competitive Teams ~ ( Ages 5-18 )
These are Elite Cheer's most popular teams. Athletes will be placed on teams with other athletes that are similar in age and skill level. These teams are required to wear & participate in everything that our limited teams do. These teams will attend (3) out of town National Competitions and may also be asked to do Piston Games.